Tesla Elektrik Corporae

Our Core Values

Elektrik tesisat hizmetleri
Our Core Values and Principles

Our Core Values

As TESLA Elektrik, we work hard to take important steps towards the future by learning from our past, considering integrity and transparency in all processes. 

We know that efficient and disciplined work as well as transparency underly success and accordingly, we offer the highest-quality services. While making progress in the extremely important period to achieve our goals we closely follow the developments in the field of our expertise. 

We offer services aiming for maximum customer satisfaction and organizing well-trained and expert teams. We closely follow technological developments and provide solution-oriented services. 

We use all possibilities of technology to always offer quality, cost-effective and long-term solutions as well as environmentally friendly processes. As a corporate brand, our values have been developing from the day we have founded and drive our success. 

Our Principles

  • Being Customer-Centric
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Reliability & Transparency
  • Equality & Responsibility Awareness
  • Continuous Training & Professional Development
  • Respect for the Environment and Humanity
  • Occupational Safety Awareness
  • Standards-compliant Solution Awareness